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The Best Free Bulk Email Sender On The Internet!

Super Email Sender software is that the Best Free Bulk Email Software to manage mailing lists and found out email marketing campaigns in few clicks. Super Email Sender combines simplicity, performance, and power into one interface.

You can create newsletters and manage lists directly on your desktop, and lunch your email marketing campaigns in just one click.


1. Email marketing campaigns in minutes!

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Super Email Sender Allows you to create an email marketing campaign in 1 click with its simple design and architecture.

Running an Email Marketing campaign doesn’t need any Complex or web-based applications: you can run your campaigns easily on your local PC, keeping your information private and without worrying about any additional costs. It’s easy, simple, and powerful.

2. Multi-Campaign Management

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Now Starting With Super Email Sender Version 4.0, You can manage and run multiple campaigns concurrently at the same time.

This feature will make things a lot easier and will allow you to manage your email marketing campaigns as if you are working with enterprise software, but with a few clicks!

3. Built-in SMTP Rotation Engine

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Super Email Sender Allows you to add multiple Email Delivery Services and run your email marketing campaigns through multiple services.

SMTP rotation feature gives you the ability to send more emails using free emails like Gmail and Outlook and helps in warming up and protecting your reputation while sending.

This operation is 100% automated, and you don’t need to worry about any configurations. Enable Rotation, and see the magic!

Also, Super Email Sender Now Has Three Delivery Service types:

  • SMTP Server (Connect any SMTP Service)
  • Google Gsuite API (Send Up to 2000 Emails per day)
  • Postal SMTP API (No need for any port, use the API and Start)

4. Unlimited Emails, Lists, & Templates

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Super Email Sender Allows you to create an unlimited number of Email Lists and Import Your Subscribers with one click from TXT or CSV files.

Also, you can add unlimited Templates, and design beautiful emails that convert with the built-in Email Template Editor.

Super Email Sender has a built-in Mail Merge functionality, so you can personalize your emails and run better email marketing campaigns.

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